GetMoreCare Managed Remote Access

Do you need remote access to your work computer? Maybe from your phone or home computer? It can be done, but it shouldn’t be done without talking to a professional first. Insecure connections to your office network could be disastrous for your data security. If you’re not sure how safe your remote connection is, or you just like the idea of finishing up work after dinner with the kids, sign up for GetMorePC’s managed remote access solution today.

GetMoreCare is offered on a monthly and yearly basis, based on the number of networks, servers, and workstations you need to have managed. For a free evaluation of your unique business technology needs, please contact us using the form below. We will be happy to come out, see what you’ve got going on and deliver your employees a customized solution, tailored to your business. Thank you for your interest in GetMoreCare, the best Managed Service Offering in East Tennessee.