What is GetMoreCare?

GetMoreCare is GetMorePC’s managed service offering. GetMoreCare allows for budgeted, sustainable IT infrastructure. It helps business owners get a handle on their IT costs, while still providing premium IT service for their employees and staff.

Who is GetMoreCare For?

GetMoreCare is for small businesses in the Knoxville, Tennessee metro area. GetMoreCare is for small businesses that may not have their own IT department and may want to augment their staff using paid consultants to help with IT projects. GetMoreCare is for law offices in Knoxville, TN who need IT but don’t have anyone on staff to help with their servers, networks, and workstations. GetMoreCare is for manufacturing businesses who need support for their IT equipment, but don’t have a full time IT professional on staff. If you think GetMoreCare might be for your business, give us a call and let us do a FREE BUSINESS EVALUATION.

Where Can I GetMoreCare?

GetMoreCare is offered in the Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding areas. GetMoreCare is offered at your business or remotely. You can also GetMoreCare at our office in North Knoxville.

How Much Does GetMoreCare Cost?

GetMoreCare is priced on a per device per month basis. We charge a fee per network, server, mobile device and workstation we manage. That fee is automatically drafted from your bank account monthly, so there’s no need to hassle with bills and invoices. GetMoreCare is the business solution for your IT needs.

What is a Network?

A Network is a collection of computers at a site with an internet connection. So if you have one main location and one remote location that has a VPN between them, that would be three networks. They would all need to be monitored to make sure the traffic passing over them was legitimate, and that no viruses or other security threats were a problem. Your network needs protection; GetMoreCare offers the best remote monitoring and management of your network.

What is a Server?

A Server is a computer that does the main heavy lifting for an office network. This may be in a closet hidden away behind closed doors, or it may be the front desk computer that has all the important files everyone uses during the day. Either way, it needs special attention regarding backup and security, needing users and permissions to be setup on the files and printers people use. The server is the backbone of your business, and at should be protected. Protect your server with GetMoreCare to insure secure, backed-up hardware.

What is a Workstation?

A Workstation is where a person works during the day. This may be a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a server that a person works on. The important characteristic is that it be worked on by an employee during the day. It needs tough security to keep viruses and malware off of it, but it also needs to be able to do its job. It needs blocking of malicious websites. It needs a backup setup. It needs maintenance, as it is being used daily and being put through the rigors of a business. Cover your workstation with GetMoreCare to make sure your people can do the work they need to.

What is a Mobile Device?

A Mobile Device is your smartphone or tablet. It needs to be traceable, in case it gets lost or stolen, so it can be recovered. It also needs to be subject to remote wipe, as it may have valuable company data that doesn’t need to fall into the wrong hands. Today, mobile devices receive almost as much use and abuse as a workstation, so they need to be covered with GetMoreCare.

What is GetMostCare?

GetMostCare is GetMorePC’s Platinum Level protection. GetMostCare gives you full network support for every device you have on your network. Every printer, scanner, wireless access point, workstation and anything else you can think to put on your LAN. GetMostCare gives you state-of-the-art technology protection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With GetMostCare, you’ve got an IT department waiting for your call, anytime.

What is GetMoreCare?

GetMoreCare is GetMorePC’s Gold Level protection. While still bringing all the basic functionality required for GetCare, GetMoreCare adds remote scripting support, backup monitoring, and access to after hours support.

What is GetCare?

GetCare is GetMorePC’s Silver Level protection. This is basic level support protection, but still gives you access to remote support, monitoring, and maintenance for your machines. With GetCare, you’ll get affordable remote support for your technology, without breaking the bank. If you’re a new business and want to have maintenance and monitoring of your business out of the gate, make the smart decision and GetCare from GetMorePC.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

Yes, but you can terminate your service at any time. The contract locks you in to long term pricing so you don’t get any increases over time. Your contract also specifies which computers and equipment are covered under your agreement. It also defines your Service Level Agreement.

What is a Service Level Agreement?

A Service Level Agreement, or SLA, defines the response times and resolution times for different priority tickets for different types of care. For instance, the GetMostCare response time is within 4 hours, meaning you will have a response via email or phone on any issue reported within 4 hours. The lower levels of care offer longer response times.

How does Managed Backup Work?

Managed backup offers offsite, secure, encryped backup of your mission critical information for $1/GB/month. This amount is drafted from your credit card or checking account on a set day of the month. There is a setup fee as there is some time associated with finding what data needs to be backed up and setting up the system.

What about Offsite Users?

We encourage all users to be managed, whether onsite at your business, or working remotely offsite. They will face the same, if not more, security risks as they would on your managed network, so their safety and security are paramount to your business success.

Does GetMoreCare Include After Hours Support?

On the GetMostCare packages, after hours support is available at the specified hourly rate for projects. It is available to all managed clients at an hourly rate of $175.

What about Antivirus?

As the cornerstone of good security protocol, all GetMoreCare packages offer a managed antivirus solution. GetMostCare offers a premium managed antivirus solution with automated reporting, centralized, scheduled scanning, and a managed quarantine. GetMorePC does not support free or unmanaged antivirus solutions above and beyond basic troubleshooting.

Can I Bring My Own Equipment?

It depends. If it is nice business-grade equipment, sure. We’ll be glad to maintain equipment with a business class hardware or software rating, meaning the system is running Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise Edition. Home rated equipment usually doesn’t fare well with much usage, so we don’t recommend it. That being said, we will support it for managed clients.

We encourage all users to be managed, whether onsite at your business, or working remotely offsite. They will face the same, if not more, security risks as they would on your managed network, so their safety and security are paramount to your business success.