I’m going to talk to you a little bit, before the impending snow storm of 2018, about some remote working situations that people are using, clients are using, and how we can help you to stay productive even though you may be snowed into your house.

This is easier now that it’s ever been. Most people have at least two internet connections at their house. They’ve already got Comcast or AT&T, our monopoly internet providers in Knoxville but, then they probably also have Verizon or T-Mobile or some other provider for their mobile phone. So you’ve got a couple of different options for accessing solutions.

I wanna talk about four different ways that you can work remotely.


The first, and this may be news to some of our clients but, if you are a managed client, you have access to your work computer from any other computer. All of our managed clients already have this in place. Reach out to me, I’ll set you up. You can get into your work computer, be just like you’re working on your work desktop, you’ll see all your work files, everything. It’s super secure, two-factor authentication. The most secure option that you can imagine, of course, coming from me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some people say I’m paranoid but, it’s your data I’m trying to protect. That’s number one, managed clients already have access to their desktop.

Cloud-Hosted Email

Number two, you should really have cloud-hosted email and you should have access to your webmail portal. You should know how to access your work email on your phone, on your home computer through the web and this will allow you to continue to reply to emails, get back with people, see what people are wanting, perhaps even start orders if there’s something that you can do there or do billing or whatever it is that you for your job. Having cloud hosted email, which we provide for our accounts, having a cloud-hosted email solution is gonna be something that will make it possible for you to be able to continue business productivity for you and your employees if you have employees.

Cloud-Hosted Phone System

Number three, you need a cloud-hosted phone system. This may not be something that you have but, it’s something you need. You may have a phone system in your closet that you’ve had since the dawn of time and the phone rings there and then it rings on everybody’s desktops but, we offer a service that we’re providing to some clients where you basically have a terminal and it’s a cloud hosted PBX.  PBX is a phone system, and that allows you to take that handset home with you, plug it into your home internet and, bada bing bada boom, you’re still on the work network. You can still transfer numbers to other people in the office, you can still answer the work phone.

They also have a softphone that they usually have an app for on your phone or you can have a softphone that’s just a website that you go to on your computer. And, that softphone or software phone, allows you to continue to answer your phone and receive business calls at home. Nobody can tell so they call that virtual presence or telepresence. Nobody can tell where you are, they are on the phone with you so they don’t know if you’re at the office crunching numbers or if you’re in Tahiti drinking martinis. That’s a very useful way to be able to continue to offer business availability even on a cold snowy day when you can’t get out.

Cloud-Hosted File System

Number four is gonna be something a little bit different, which is having your files in the cloud. If you’re working with us, you are already have Office 365, it’s part of our standard offering. The Office 365 is going to give you files in the cloud, your files are already there in the cloud, they are being backed up to the cloud, they are nice and protected but you can log into your Office 365 portal and you can see the files that you have there and you can work on the files, you can organize the files, you can file the files away, you can close the files. By using our cloud offering, that we offer all of our managed clients, you can drill in and get access to all the files on your desktop, same stuff, all the stuff on your desktop, all the files in files and folders. If you’re using a piece of software, it may also have some cloud offerings as well. And that’s another topic for another video.

So, in essence, it’s cloud PBX, remote access using our system, using cloud hosted email to continue to check your email and then also using the cloud to store your files so, let’s get you all set up earlier rather than later. Let’s do this before the snowstorm of 2018 and get your business and your employees and you set up so you can work remotely during the snow storm.

Give us a call today, 865-406-4015, and ask about GetMoreCare, which is the all-in-one comprehensive solution for business and productivity to allow you and your business workers to be able to make as much money on your computer as you’d like to.