Technology can make you money or cost you money. How do you know when it’s time to replace your technology? Here are 5 signs that it might be time to upgrade your technology:

Excessive Downtime

Are your computers taking too long to respond? Does your internet seem slower than usual? Is it taking longer than usual to load your programs?

These are just a few of the signs that you might need to upgrade your business technology. Don’t let waiting hinder your productivity. Upgrade your equipment so that you can get the job done quick and easy.

No Growth

Company growth is a good thing. Make sure you are scaling your technology to keep up with your company growth. Avoid the mistake of putting your new employee on a hand-me-down computer. Give them the technology they need to get their job done.

Weird Email/Pop Ups/Virus Alerts

Are you getting attacked by viruses? Is your email getting attacked by spam?

Old computer systems are more prone to security breaches. Malware and ransomware attacks can cost companies precious time and money. Don’t let your outdated computer system be the reason your business goes down.

Tech Failure

You have a big meeting first thing in the morning and you can’t get your presentation to load. You have an important webinar to attend and you can’t get the video conference to work.

These are just a couple of problems that can arise from having outdated technology. Last minute software updates and kill an entire meeting. Don’t put your meetings on hold because of outdated computers.


Old PCs or Laptops

Is your computer still running Windows XP or Vista? Is your Server running Server 2000 or 2003? Are you still surfing the internet on Internet Explorer 6,7, or 8?

You might think you are saving money by still using your first machine. You are actually putting yourself at major risk for security breaches by running software that is no longer supported or updated.

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