A few weeks ago, I met with a client who wanted to open up the files from their Actionstep backup. They are a law firm and have used Actionstep successfully for many years. Despite loving the application, they wanted to know that they had all their files and data portability was available if they needed to work elsewhere in the future.

So being the friendly tech I am, I emailed their support staff. They told me there was no way to bulk decrypt the files. I didn’t believe them and decided to do a bit of investigating on my own, before admitting defeat to my client. I’m happy to report I found a free and trusted tool that does the job.

I’ve had success decrypting the files with WinRAR, a free program that can bulk decrypt the files. After opening the zip file, WinRAR asked for the password. Upon entering the password, it took that password off of every file in the system.

I hope this helps other law firms that use Actionstep!