Sometimes it is scary to unplug your laptop, because your battery has a short life. Laptop batteries are expensive to replace. Most modern laptops have power saving hardware to conserve the power. There are ways to extend your existing battery’s life when you pull the plug.

Here Are Some Ways to Physically Extend Your Battery Life.

Keep it cool: Overheating is the biggest danger to a laptop’s battery. Batteries degrade rapidly when they are hot. Always keep your laptop on a cooling pad and keep your vents clear. Do not put a laptop on a pillow or a cushioned surface which will cover the vents.

Do Not Pack A Hot Laptop: When your laptop is running hot, do not put it in a backpack or laptop case. That will trap it in heat, and the battery will be stressed.

Always keep the battery clean of your laptop: Stay your laptop battery’s metal contacts always clean every couple of months with a rubbing alcohol moistened cloth. This will increase the efficiency of the transfer of power from your battery.

Ways To Extend Your Battery Life Through Your Hardware and Software.

Defragment Regularly: The more your hard drive works, the less strain on the battery.

Dim Your Laptop Screen: Reduce the screen brightness level. A laptop’s display takes up a significant percentage of its power. You can also change the settings of your backlit display. Have it automatically dim your screen after two or three minutes of inactivity.

Learn to single task: This means to cut down on programs running in the background. All the programs add to the CPU load and drain the battery life.

Disable Unneeded Devices: If you can stand to disable unneeded devices, you will gain a few minutes of battery life. USB devices can drain your battery. If they are not needed, disable or turn them off. If you are not using your wireless card, switch it off. The same goes for the Bluetooth device. You can also disable your ports such as Ethernet port and optical-disk drives.

Mute Yourself: If you are not using your volume, put it on mute.