Onsite Support for Your Business IT NeedsKnoxville IT,Web Development,Tech Support

Our onsite technical support is for clients and customers who need a technician at their business to help with important projects or problems. Servicing the Knoxville, TN area, we have the knowledge to help you sort through your technical problems and arrive at a stable, long-term solution. Here are some common items we take care of for clients:

  • Printer installation and sharing
  • Malware, Spyware, Scareware and other Rogue Applications
  • Network Security for Wired/Wireless LAN
  • File Sharing and Security
  • Email account creation and client configuration
  • Quickbooks multi-user installation
  • Computer Optimization, with or without hardware upgrades

GetMorePC.com has the experience necessary to identify problem areas of your technology and bring solutions that are simple and comprehensive. We can take care of your business IT problems, whether it be removing viruses from workstations or recovering data from a dead laptop.

Remote Phone-Based Support via the Internet

Once we’ve established rapport, many common issues can be resolved remotely, including:

  • Remote virus and malware removal
  • Remote application configuration
  • Remote email setup and troubleshooting
  • Printer installation and sharing
  • Server maintenance
  • Workstation configuration

For business without the budget to afford someone on staff, GetMorePC.com is the obvious solution. With over 17-years experience fixing and networking computers, we have the experience and the persistence to make sure that your issues are solved.

Corporate Trainingcorporate training in knoxville

Let us train your business individually or in a team setting. Prices vary based on how much training is needed, what product we will be training, and how many people we will be training. Our trainer is relaxed and comfortable in corporate training rooms and can make learning a piece of software much easier, and more fun! Some of our areas of training expertise are:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise, Premiere, and Pro
  • LEDStudios and LED Manager Signage software
  • Blufftitler AVI creation software
We can even just help you feel more comfortable using your browser and email by simplifying your workflow and writing easy procedures to follow. We have done this with businesses to their success, and we would love to help your employees succeed.

GetMorePC and Your Business

By providing reliable business support, GetMorePC can help your business become more profitable and thrive in today’s unsure economy. Want an evaluation of your current situation? Give us a call at 865-406-4015 and we’ll be happy share how we can help.

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